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Retail Comfortline Green 21 inch Bio-based

Bio-based Comfort Green is the answer to the demand for a socially responsible and sustainable role of the plastics producing and processing industry. This premium piping bag has exactly the same intrinsic properties as the regular Comfort Green. Bio-based Comfort Green is distinctive because it consists of 80% bio-based material made from cane sugar.

The biggest gain is in a reduced CO2 footprint in raw materials. Al this without loss of quality, stability and reliability of the raw materials. Like all One Way premium piping bags, the Bio-based Comfort Green is also 100% recyclable, without disturbing the recycling process.

Product properties:

Art.no. Size Dimensions Bags per roll Rolls per box
53 x 28 cm (21 inch)

Article number: 3213

Dimensions: 53 x 28 cm (21 inch)

Bags per roll: 12

Rolls per box: 12