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Sweetliner Transparant

Folding a corn is not difficult, but it does take some time and practice. One Way therefore developed this mini piping bag with a sealable nozzle that is as easy to handle as a pen.

This piping bag can easily be pre-filled to later be reheated in the microwave or au bainmarie. This way, you can put all your focus on applying letters and decorations to your creations with extreme precision!

Product properties:

Art.no. Size Dimensions Bags per roll Rolls per box
21 x 12 cm (8,5 inch)
50 zakken + 50 spuitmondjes
10 sets

Article number: 3111

Dimensions: 21 x 12 cm (8,5 inch)

Bags per roll: 50 zakken + 50 spuitmondjes

Rolls per box: 10 sets